Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lifestyle: Ed Sheeran Answers My Question!

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! I'm so so so SO excited to share this news with you all! If you follow me on twitter (@Dream_inStyle) then you probably already know what I'm about to tell you. But for those who don't I'll give you the full story! If Anna Kendrick on the cover of ELLE magazine wasn't enough for you to buy a copy, hopefully this will help persuade you more...

So flashback to the beginning of May this year, the fashion magazine ELLE (U.S.) version took to their twitter page (@ELLEmagazine) to ask their followers and fans of Ed Sheeran to ask him questions pertaining to love and relationships. They would then later pick a few of their favorite and have them in the July Issue of Elle that is based on social media. Myself being a huge fan of Sheeran and a follower for ELLE Magazine, I instantly started to think up a question to ask. I then decided to ask "What is your favorite quality in a woman?" a simple question but something that I'm sure many fans and readers would like to know the answer too.

Fast forward too yesterday (June 25th) when I receive a tweet from ELLE saying that Ed answered my question! I was so thrilled and surprised considering they have 2.2 million followers and my single question was picked. It was an exciting day for sure!

To read the full article you can pick up a copy of the July issue of ELLE magazine at a local magazine retailer (U.S. residents ONLY) or read it here online:

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