Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Monthly Favorites: November

Alright so for today's post I've decided to do a monthly favorites for November since the month is practically over. This month I have a variety of favorites from lipstick to favorite book of the month. Here are my favorites:


Book: Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series): $9.99 
What I like about this: I am in LOVE with The Hunger Games and since this month the movie Catching Fire came out I found it fitting to re-read this book. And boy I tell ya I forgot how much I love it. 

Candle: Bath&BodyWorks 'Vanilla Snowflake': $20.00
What I like about this: When I went holiday candle shopping I had a distinct sent in my mind that I wanted something warm, vanilla yet fresh. That's when I found the Vanilla Snowflake candle and B&BW I HAD to have it. This candle is my absolute favorite holiday scent. I recommend it to anyone!

Lotion: The Body Shop 'Candied Ginger': $25.00
What I like about this: I've always been a fan of Body Shop body butters but this one has that perfect christmasy scent to it. I love putting this on before I go to bed and the aroma of it just soothes me to sleep.

Necklace: Aldo 'Pascher': SALE $15.98
What I like about this: I love the trend of chunky necklaces, and especially in GOLD! Gold is my go to metal color and this necklace I found at Aldo caught my eye right away. I'm so glad I bought this piece it's a true statement piece. 

Nail Polish: Essie 'Stylenomics': $9.99
What I like about this: This deep dark green color is so gorgeous. Essie really outdid themselves when they created this color. I love dark nails and I have been looking for a nice green for a very long time, and this color fitted all my requirements. As always the formula is very opaque and smooth to apply. 

Lip: Lancôme 'Ooh La La' Lipstick: $27.00
What I like about this: This Lancôme lipstick is my favorite for the holidays. The color is a beautiful deep red with gold flakes in it. It is a smooth a beautiful application.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

DIY: Golden Gradient Mani

Hey everyone!
Today's post is gonna be a DIY nail manicure. I'm gonna teach you guys how to create this stunning and modern nail art.

Perfect for New Years!

What You'll Need:
-Nail polish top coat
-Black nail polish
-Gold nail polish
-Silver chunky/fine nail polish 
-A makeup sponge

1. Paint all your nails 2 coats of black nail polish. LET DRY.
2. Take your makeup sponge and paint a small spot on it with your gold polish.
3. Use the sponge and sponge it on your nail about ⅔ down.
4. Add more gold nail polish on your sponge, then sponge more gold nail polish only half way.
5. Then take your silver sparkle nail polish and paint over the gold polish letting a tiny bit overlap onto the black part. LET DRY.
6. Paint a layer of your top coat over each nail, LET DRY. 
7. There you have it a gorgeous mani, done in minutes! 

If you do this manicure send me a picture on twitter to @Dream_inStyle with the hashtag #glodenmani for a retweet! 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lifestyle: Cozy Comfort


Good day everyone or shall I say good 'freezing' day! Where I live winter has definitely arrived. The christmas lights are starting to go on, decorations are showing up everywhere, and parkas are being worn. Not to mention the weather is chilly, and the snow it here to stay. With all this holiday cheer also comes the struggle of keeping toasty this season. Everyone bundles up when they go outside wearing 3 pairs of socks, large scarfs, and full out snow suits. Yup it's cold here. Currently I'm sitting in my bedroom listening to christmas carols, wrapped in a blanket, and sipping a cup of hot cocoa. What can I say, I'm freezing! Even putting the heat on in my house isn't helping greatly. It is though better than being frozen outside. I have a winter task for you guys to do! This season go to your local donation centre and donate some winter clothing for the homeless. Imagine living in and out of shelters and on the street during the coldest nights of the year, a gently wore winter coat can be the meaning of live or death. It's so important to help out others, and what better way then to help a child or adult this winter with the gift of warmth. Now some of you reading this are probably reading this and going, 'wait I don't live in a cold climate…' well don't worry there is always a way to help out. If cold weather isn't a problem where you live then think about donating toys and presents for helpless children, or maybe donate to a local food bank food for a christmas feast. Another helpful way to pitch in this holiday is volunteering at a shelter and help cook meals for the inhabitants. There's always a way to help out and spread the holiday cheer by giving someone the gift of cozy comfort if that means clothes, toys, food, or just a helping hand.

Give the gift of cozy comfort 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fresh Start

Hello lovely readers,

Today I decided to give my blog a full body makeover. I change everything from my layout to the actual url of my blog. I wanted to make it something a little bit more universal not as girly as always think pink. That's when I came up with Dream in Style. I thought this name suited me really well, because at night is when I come up with my best ideas and am my most creative. Hopefully now that I've done this makeover I upload more often! But fear not I will still have plenty of beauty, fashion, decor, DIY posts in the future.

Until next time xx