Monday, 30 June 2014

Twitter: Q&A's

Hi everyone! So I went to twitter to ask YOU guys to send me beauty, decor, fashion, or lifestyle related questions. I'm so thankful for everyone who sent in questions. Here are the questions you guys asked:

Question 1: If you could bring out your own makeup products, what would they be and what would you name them?


Answer: This is a great question, I really had to think about this. There are so many types of makeup products out there this wasn't easy. But if I could create any type of makeup product I think I would try to make some sort of eyeshadow "sticker" so everyone could create flawless smokey eyes, or be able to create any other type of eyeshadow look. It would be eyeshadow on a piece of paper that you just press on to your eyelid then remove the paper to reveal your perfectly done eyeshadow. I think I would call it "Instant Shadow". Anyone actually like this idea? Let me know. 

Question 2: What is your life long dream?

Answer: I think my life long dream is to find my 'soul mate' if you believe in those, and create a life together, and have children. There are so many things that I would love to do or own, but being a mom is my number one goal in life. 

Question 3: What is your favorite summer drink?

Answer: This is easy, Lemonade! I absolutely love it, pink, yellow, organic, sour, sweet. All of it! 

Question 4: Favorite drugstore makeup brand?

From: @BeautyCalls on Twitter

Answer: Hmmm... This isn't easy for me there are a quite a few brands I love. But my top ones at the moment are NYX and Milani. The Matte Lip Creams from NYX and the Baked Blushes from Milani are my favorite products from each brand. 

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