Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nails: Essie Collection

Hi everyone so today I decided I should probably post something it's been way to long overdue. One of my new years resolution is too post more often but as you can see I haven't been doing a very good job. Anywho today I decided to show you my essie nail polish collection (so far!) Essie has become my all time favorite nail polish, I love that not only it is amazing polish but that it's sold practically everywhere! Alright so lets get right too it here is my essie collection!

As you can see I have 8 polishes in total 7 colors and 1 glitter top coat. 

Here are my polishes from left to right:

1. luxeffect in 'set in stones': This polish is a gorgeous silver sparkle top coat, it is a mixture of tiny and chunky glitter.

2. fiji: This ballet pink is very girly and is wonderful for spring and summer.

3. eternal optimist: This is a very interesting color it is a combination of pink and beige but is a gorgeous neutral.

4. russian roulette: This is your classic 'candy apple' red color that is a must for any nail polish lover.

5. fishnet stockings: This red is similar to the russian roulette but is a bit deeper it's like your favorite sexy red lip stick in a nail polish.

6. bordeux: This is probably my favorite color out of my collection it's the perfect burgundy and is a wonderful fall/winter color. 

7. stylenomics: This color is so unique, it is a very dark green that looks black in some lights but its very stylish and sophisticated.

8. turquoise & caicos: This is my favorite turquoise nail polish I've ever seen it's so beautiful and calming it's perfect for summers by the beach! 

There you have it beauty lovers my essie collection! 

Let me know which color is your favorite either in the comments below or tweet me (@Dream_inStyle)

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