Tuesday, 3 December 2013

DIY: Christmas Lights Manicure

Hey readers! So I promised you guys a post today on my twitter (If you're not already following me give me a follow @Dream_inStyle) and well here it is!

Today's post is going to be a nail art tutorial, for Christmas Lights. I love this design and got the inspiration for it from one of my favorite nail art YouTubers cutepolish (http://www.youtube.com/user/cutepolish) I changed it up slightly and decided to do this tutorial for you guys! Here ya go.

What You'll Need:
-Gold polish
-White polish
-Pink polish
-Blue polish
-Yellow polish
-Red polish
-Purple polish
-Black stripper
-Top coat
-Small dotting tool (If you don't have one you can substitute this with a toothpick)
-Paper Towel

Step by Step:
1. Paint your ring finger and thumb two coats of white nail polish. LET DRY.
2. Paint the rest of your fingers two coats of gold. 
3. Using your stripper create a black curvy/loopy line on both white nails.
4. Take some paper towel and blob some of the pink polish on it, then using your dotting tool create a lightbulb your white nail coming off the black line. 
5. Repeat this step for the yellow, red, blue, and purple light bulbs. LET DRY.
6. Take your top coat and paint a layer on every nail. LET DRY.
7. And Ta-da! Your all done, now show off these nails! 

✧NEW, going to add this feature to all DIY posts from now on. 
If you do this nail tutorial tweet a picture of it at me (@Dream_inStyle) with the hashtag #xmaslightnails and I'll give you a retweet! 


  1. So pretty, well done - it would never turn out that lovely on me LOL. Xx