Saturday, 15 March 2014

Decor: Pretty Little Style

Heyo, I'm back today with another post! Wow it's my 40th post yay! So for that I have decided today will be my first official decor post. I want to show you how to achieve that pretty pastel room decor that has been so popular lately. I've been loving the look of lace like, white, a roses all mixed together in one.

My own decor items

This photo above is of a few of my favorite decor items I have in my room on a shelf. As you can see my walls are painted a soothing grey color. My first tip to achieve this look is to keep your wall color very neutral. Either a white, off white in any color, cream or light grey, this will help set the base for your room making it feel like and airy. Now I know many people have wood furniture that isn't white, and although having white furniture is ideal, you'll see that my shelf is wood and not painted white. I know it pretty pricy to get new furniture for your room so you can either sand down your furniture and paint it white, or just stick to what you have. I've just left my furniture au natural. It's all about how you dress it up, using light colored bedding is another key factor this will help stick with that light and rosy feeling. On my bed I currently have dark grey bedding but I have put a light pink blanket on my bed and cream crochet throw on it as well to kind of hid the dark grey. Also having white accent pillows help a lot when wanting to keep with this girly theme. When purchasing frames and decor pieces for your room stick to all white and it will keep the theme going throughout your room. 

What pieces are in the picture above?:

The bird cage t-light holder can be easily found in places like Michael's and practically any other store that carry decor items.

The two white pots are from Ikea, the larger one is a plant pot while the smaller one with the triangular edges is actually a candle holder.

The pink fake flower are just from Wallmart but you can find these at practically any craft store. 

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