Tuesday, 1 October 2013

DIY: Palm Tree Nail Art

Hey peeps! So for today's post I thought why not show you how to create a nail art design? I know it's fall and I probably should've done a leaves or pumpkin design but I couldn't stray away from my love of this super simple and super fun palm tree design! People will be sure to compliment you on this expert looking design, I've had some people ask where I got my nails done! This design is also perfect if your deciding to go away to a tropical destination during the next few cold months! Be sure to try this design, it is one of my all time favorites.

I did this design in less than 10 minuets! 

What You'll Need:
-Black nail art striper (I used one from the brand Kiss Nails)
-Any color light pink nail polish
-Any color orangey/pink nail polish
-Any color yellow nail polish
-Top and base coat (I recommend Sally Hanson Double Duty base & top coat nail polish, I love this one because it's 2 in 1.)

Step by Step:
1. Start by painting all your nails with the base coat.
2. Paint all your fingers the orangey/pink color, then do a second coat on all your nails except your thumbs.
3. On your thumbs take the light pink and paint the top half of your nail.
4. Then right on the line between the light pink and orangey/pink paint a yellow half moon shape. This will be the sun. LET DRY.
5. Next use your black striper and draw a straight line from the bottom to about a few millimetres from the top for the trunk. Then draw four lines off the top of the trunk, for the branch. Fill in the leaves by making the branch thicker and adding tiny little lines for the leaves. LET DRY.
6. Paint all your nails with your top coat, and volia your complete!

There you have it, a simple yet stunning nail art design to keep you warm during the cold months to come!

If you do this design send me a picture on twitter to @Dream_inStyle with the hashtag #palmtreenails for a retweet!

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