Friday, 5 July 2013

Product Versus Review: Bubble Bath

Alright my readers today post has to do with the wonderful art of 'bath taking'. I myself am a HUGE lover of taking baths; and if I could I would do it everyday! We all know that bubble baths are the way to go when you want to have a bath, but with so many different products out there how do you know what is the best one to choose?

I have narrowed down my bubble bath selection to two of the more popular choices and decided to do a VS. review on them. My first product is the I Love... bubble bath in Strawberries and Milkshake and my second product is Lush's comforter bath bar. Now each product has it's ups and downs but which one is the better buy?

The I Love... bubble bath is by far my favorite liquid bubble bath you can buy. It has a super creamy and silky texture that is very luxurious and I love it in the scent Strawberries & Milkshake. Another plus out of it is that it lasts you quite a while considering it's a liquid bubble bath. The only thing that isn't that great about it is the whole aroma you get from it. Sure it smells really good in the bottle when the liquid is all concentrated but once you poor some into your bath this bubble bath looses a good portion of it's scent.

Lush's bath bar's have become a huge staple at Lush. They are AMAZING and to tell you the truth I think they win this battle in bubble baths. Not only do these bar's have an amazing scent that LASTS but they also create mounds and mounds of bubbles and softens your skin at the same time! It also is a neat touch how they change the color of the water in your bath. I also love making a 'bath cocktail' as they call it at Lush, that's when you add a bubble bar and a bath bomb in the tub for an extra special bath. The downfall I've found in this product is that it crumbles a little to easily and there have been many times I've tried to break off a small size piece but end up dropping a huge piece into the bath tub. But I can't complain because otherwise this product is perfect.

The Winner is.... Lush's Bubble Bar! 

I Love... Bubble Bath in Stawberries & Milkshake
Price: $10.00

Lush Bubble Bar in Comforter
Price: $10.95

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