Monday, 8 July 2013

DIY: Arizona Tea Inspired Nails

Even though I'm a huge nail freak I haven't posted a nail tutorial yet, but have no fear my first one is here! Today's post I'm gonna show you how to do an easy DIY arizona tea nail design, just like the one below. I love this design it's perfect for spring or summer and it looks super pretty!

These are the nails I did on myself

What you'll need:
-base and top coat: I used a base coat by Sally Hansen & and the Sephora Matte top coat
-a light turquoise color nail polish: I used Turquoise & Caicos by Essie
-a light pink nail polish: I used Fiji by Essie
-a hot pink nail polish: I used Daredevil by Sinful Colors 
-a black nail polish striper: I used one from Kiss Nail Art 
-a small dotting tool

Step by Step:
1. Paint a base coat on all your nails then let dry.
2. Paint 2 coats of your turquoise nail polish then let dry.
3. Using your black striper create branches on your ring finger and thumb.
4. Using your small dotting tool and hot pink polish add some dots on the branches.
5. Now using your light pink polish and dotting tool add a tiny dot in the centre of all your hot pink dots, let dry completely.
6. Add a top coat shinny or matte, then voila you are all done!

This easy nail art looks a lot more professional then what it takes to make, everyone will be asking you where you got your nails done! 

If you do this nail art tweet a picture to me @Dream_inStyle with the hashtag #teanails for a retweet! 

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