Saturday, 29 June 2013

DIY: At Home Manicure

I had a great idea for a blog post and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post it so today is your lucky day 2 post in 1! For my second post of the day I had the brilliant idea of showing you guys my AHM or aka DIY, At Home Manicure.

The Products I use

For this AHM you will need:

-a hand exfoliator: I use Beauty Control's 'Instant Manicure'
-your favorite candle: Mine is Bath & BodyWorks, 'Gelato'
-a nail file: I use one from Bath & BodyWorks
-a nail buffer: I use a 4 step one from OroGold
-cuticle pusher/ under the nail cleaner: Mine is a 2 in 1 metal one by Revlon
-cuticle oil: I use a tee tree oil from OroGold
-hand cream or lotion: I use OroGold's '24K gold hand & body cream'
-nail hardener: I use one by WitchCraft
-base coat/ top coat: I use Sally Hansen 'double duty base & top coat'
-your favorite nail polish: Mine is 'eternal optimist' by Essie

Step by Step:

1. Find a comfy, relaxing spot in your house and light your favorite candle.
2. Massage your hands with your hand exfoliator, then dry.
3. Use your nail cleaner and clean underneath all your nails.
4. Use your nail buffer and buff every nail, then use your file and file your nails to desired length and shape.
5. Take your cuticle oil and rub it all over your cuticles, nails, and surrounding skin.
6. Take your cuticle pusher and push down all your cuticles, then let the oil dry.
7. Use your hand cream and massage it gently into your hands, then let it soak in completely.
8. To finish either just put a coat of your nail hardener, or use your base coat, then 2 coats of your favorite polish, then your top coat.
9. Let your nails completely dry, and Viola! You have just completed a spa worthy manicure in the comfort of your own home.

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